The Prayer of Faith

Your prayers must capture your faith in the LORD

The Bible teaches us that God responds to our faith. He interacts with us based on our faith in Him and His word. He manifests His power and glory to those who trust and rely on Him. This power of faith is put into action through prayer.In other words, prayer is the primary expression of the believer’s faith. It is the language through which faith is exercised and released.

Faith is not wishful thinking. The exercise of faith in prayer is more than “mental assent” or wishing that something good will happen.It is a full assurance in the heart that God is predisposed to hear and that He has already answered. We may begin prayer by asking God for help. Our prayer posture must start with confidence in God and progress into a firm expectation in His abilities.


Many of the principles of praying in faith are illustrated in the following examples:

☛The Prayer of Faith in the Gospels

☛The Prayer of Faith in Hannah’s Life

The Goal of This Lesson

The purpose of this lesson is to examine the critical relationship between faith and prayer. We will explore the definition of faith as it relates to prayer and discover how the proper exercise of faith-filled prayers will always produce an abundant harvest of divine answers.