The Kneeling Warrior

Moving from anger to action

The picture of the intercessor as a kneeling warrior refers more to an attitude of the heart and mind than to a bodily posture. You do not have to kneel to have your prayers heard. But the image of kneeling conveys a necessary humility before God and a willingness to bow to His will and His word. Intercessors—functioning as kneeling warriors— develop a righteous anger about the broken state of affairs in this world and direct that anger at the devil—not at God and not at people.This anger is made productive when it is turned into active, authoritative prayer on behalf of family, neighbors, coworkers, country, and the world.

Learning the posture and responsibilities of a prayer warrior will help those who desire to dig deeper in prayer and intercession understand the commitment involved. Though God never told us at the onset of our spiritual journey that we would have to learn how to fight, we like the early disciples, discover it very soon thereafter.


Effective intercession is greatly reinforced by knowledge of the following truths:

☛The Stages of Spiritual Warfare

☛The Habits of Kneeling Warriors

The Goal of This Lesson

This lesson will bolster your understanding of the warfare aspects of intercessory life. You will also learn how to position yourself better as an intercessor in the very serious business of spiritual warfare through the daily application of proven habits of intercession.