The Power of Prayer

Powerful praying gets results

When the 120 disciples gathered in the Upper Room for a time of prayer, the outcome was awesome! The Holy Spirit fell on them; 3,000 souls gave their lives to Jesus—in one day—and the New Testament Church was birthed! That is the power of prayer. This same ability to have tremendous efficacy in prayer, privately and corporately, is available to us today through our relationship with Jesus Christ.

If we truly understood that our prayers have power, we would be motivated to use every opportunity to pray more. Like Jesus, we too can enjoy unrestricted and uninterrupted communion with God (Jn. 11:41- 42), but too often we allow self-erected barriers to diminish our success in prayer. It is crucial that we understand the position, power, and authority Christ has invested in us so we can pray powerfully and see results.


The power of prayer in our lives can be tremendously increased through knowledge of the following:

☛The Powerful Gift of Prayer

☛Overcoming Barriers to Effective Prayer

The Goal of This Lesson

In this lesson, you will gain a greater understanding of the privilege and power of prayer. You will also learn to recognize and avoid habits that can potentially diminish the efficacy of your prayers.