The Explosive Nature of Warfare Prayers

Releasing the power of God through prayer

Like it or not, we—both Christians and non-Christians alike—are involved in a spiritual war against the forces of darkness. Through proper use of the spiritual weapon of prayer, the trained intercessor can unleash the mighty power of God to obtain breakthroughs and advance the kingdom of God. Many times, our warfare prayers are against spiritual blindness and strongholds in people that are being reinforced by demonic agencies. Yet when we know who we are in Christ and assume our rightful positions of authority, we will prevail against all the intentions of the adversary.

The spiritual battles we fight are those of the heart and mind in which we strive to keep ourselves grounded in the truth of God’s word—and not be moved by the enemy’s lies or tactics. God has given us tremendous weapons that the enemy is powerless to resist if we use them correctly according to the Spirit’s instruction.


Waging successful spiritual warfare through prayer and intercession requires knowledge of the following:

☛Facts about Spiritual Warfare

☛How to Engage in Warfare Prayers

The Goal of This Lesson

The purpose of this lesson is to understand the enemy’s goals and tactics, to learn about our strength in Christ, and how to wage war effectively through the use of our warfare prayers.