Meeting with God and warring against Satan

Without a clear purpose, prayer is reduced to an ineffective religious exercise. Purpose is the essence of life. Effective prayers flow out of an effective, purpose-driven life. Prayer with a purpose speaks of the definite and direct utterance of one who knows that he has the ear of God; and that God has the willingness as well as the power to answer the petition.

The primary purpose of intercession is to create a meeting between two or more parties. Through prayer-intercession, the intercessor meets God. God in turn meets with those who are the subject of the intercession. Intercession can be prayer for other people or it can be prayer against the forces of darkness. The confrontations that take place between the agencies of God and the powers of Satan are not amicable. Instead, they are extremely combative and antagonistic.

The Purpose of Intercession
A thorough exploration of the subject of intercession requires knowledge of the following topics:

  • The Meaning of Intercession
  • The Role of the Intercessor
  • The Enemy of Intercession

The Goal of This Lesson
In this lesson, you will gain an understanding of the meaning of intercession, its purpose and principles, and how to use this style of prayer to see people, regions, and circumstances transformed for the glory of God.