Moving Heaven Through Prayer
Prayers on earth followed by answers from heaven

Just like the cliché, there are two sides to every story, there are two sides to prayer. Since prayer represents a conversation with God, there is an earthward side and a heavenward side. If the person praying understands how heaven views prayer and what occurs when prayer takes place, more effectiveness would result from prayer.

The ultimate purpose of prayer is to engage God’s help. An earthly need requires divine assistance. The goal of the petition is to secure a release of heaven’s resources to meet the need.

Two Dimensions of Prayer

In this lesson, we will examine the connection between the two dimensions of prayer outlined below:

  • Earthly Prayers
  • Heavenly Answers

The Goal of This Lesson
The purpose of this lesson is to increase your awareness of the powerful dimensions in which prayer operate. You will gain understanding of how things prayed for on earth have the power to produce dramatic effects when God releases the answer from heaven.