The Different Forms of Prayer
Exploring several ways to talk to God

The Bible teaches that there are various forms and types of prayers. Apparently each type is to be used in such a way that it matches the occasion or the prayer need. The forms of prayer also give the person praying the ability to articulate himself in a manner that is most consistent with his feelings and desires.

Learning and mastering the different types of prayer is essential if we are to increase in effectiveness as intercessors. Prayer that is poorly conceived and thoughtlessly communicated will be powerless and largely ineffective. The different forms presented in Scripture provide us with practical tools to express prayers that are more strategic and considerably more potent.

Types of Prayers
The various types and forms of prayer are analyzed in this lesson under the following headings:

  • The Different Types of Prayers
  • Two Biblical Models of Prayer

The Goal of This Lesson
The purpose of this lesson is to familiarize the student with the various forms of prayer. These models of prayer can produce specific, targeted results in every area of our lives.