The Keys to Answered Prayer
God always answers if we ask correctly

Throughout the Bible, we are taught that God responds to prayer. As we seek the Lord, a release of His power and provision occurs. God desires to hear and answer our petitions with a love and passion that is far greater than the intensity of our pain or need. Through the triumphant work of Jesus Christ, all the resources of heaven are made available to us.

Prayer is our privilege and right as children of God. This gift of prayer gives us the confidence to approach God. He delights in answering our prayers offered in faith and humility.

Keys To Successful Praying

  • Prayers That God Answers
  • The Essential Ingredients of Answered Prayer

The Goal of This Lesson
The purpose of this lesson is to provide the student with proven strategies for success in prayer. We will discuss the kinds of prayers that produce maximum results, and the fundamental approaches to prayer (articulated by Jesus) that will greatly improve our prayer results.