The Character and Lifestyle of the Intercessor
Powerful intercession flows from a godly lifestyle

Observing, learning, and replicating the habits of effective spiritual leaders is always a surefire way of attaining success in your walk with the Lord. What would happen over the next 30, 60, or 100 days of your life if you modeled the prayer habits of spiritual giants? Where would you and your family be if the practice of intercession became a lifestyle to you?

The quality of the lifestyle of the intercessor is critical in determining the effectiveness of his times of prayer. As one who stands in the gap between the Lord and others, the lifestyle and character of the intercessor must reflect holiness and devotion to the Lord.

Prayer Secrets Of Great Intercessors
Great intercessors have a firm grip on the following truths about prayer intercession:

  • The Definition of an Intercessor
  • The Function of Great Intercessors
  • The Prayer Habits of Powerful Intercessors

The Goal of This Lesson
The goal of this lesson is to introduce the student to some of the outstanding intercessors in the Bible and in history. By examining their lifestyle of devotion to prayer, we can glean timeless principles that will enrich and empower our own growth in prayer-intercession.