Understanding Prayer

The art of prayer can be taught and learned

Prayer—this simple yet profound and most sublime of all Christian activities—is the practice of daily communion with God. It is an invitation into the very heart of God where we truly get to know Him in the deepest, most meaningful, and intimate way. Through prayer we get to feel what He feels and become moved by what moves Him. The end result is that we are drawn deeper into a lifelong partnership with a loving God as He accomplishes His eternal plan for mankind through the Lord Jesus Christ.

A thorough biblical understanding of the basics of prayer—its purpose, methodology, and rewards—is essential in helping us become more effective people of prayer, both in our personal lives and in the greater community of believers. Prayer is not a superspiritual activity reserved only for seasoned Christians; God wants all Christians to pray, from new believers to those who have been walking with Him for many years.

The Basics of Prayer

In order to learn the basics of prayer, five common elements should be explored and understood:
  • The Meaning of Prayer
  • The Reasons for Prayer
  • The Methods of Prayer
  • The Time and Place of Prayer
  • The Common Hindrances to Prayer

The Goal of This Lesson

LessonThis lesson is designed to introduce you to the basic principles of prayer. Through this lesson, you will learn the how, what, when and why of prayer and how to overcome common hindrances to developing effective prayer habits.